Making a great grand piano starts with the determination to not compromise in any aspect of the design, materials and craftsmanship. The most important aspect of any musical instrument is the sound it produces. Through the years since its inception, the piano has been technically refined to the point of near perfection. There are time honored design features and specific materials that are known to produce the finest musical results.

Some components are ideally made of spruce while others require maple or hornbeam. A few aspects of crafting a fine piano must be done by the hands of a skilled and experienced craftsman. Other processes can be more precisely done by computer-controlled devices.

The Kohler & Campbell Millennium Pianos are made of the finest, time-tested materials from around the world. The Millennium piano incorporates all we have learned over the last 300 years about piano design. Its various components are crafted and assembled by the finest piano makers from Korea, Germany, Canada and the United States. And because we are one of the world’s largest makers of grand pianos, we apply the economies of scale to make Millennium Pianos the most affordable high performance piano in the world.

The highest quality spruce from the United States and Canada is selected, seasoned, shaped and tapered to produce a soundboard of exceptional character. From the same logs, spruce is selected and shaped into the ribs that are attached to the soundboard to help maintain the proper crown. Straight-grained spruce is also used in the Pratt Reed Premium keyboard and keys.

Rock hard maple is air dried and formed into the bridges that transfer the vibrations from the strings to the soundboard. The pinblock is also made of this hardest of hardwoods. The pinblock must hold tons of stress from the German Roslau piano strings. These components are the finest available in the world, and they are shipped from Canada to Korea for inclusion in a Kohler & Campbell Millennium Piano.

The piano’s action and keys come from the world-renowned Pratt Reed. The hammers are from Renner in Germany.

The world class components imported from Germany, the United States and Canada are combined with the assemblies and crafted in the world’s first factory to be recognized and certified with the ISO 9001 by the German TUV organization.

Kohler & Campbell Millennium Pianos have also been recognized with the KS Award, the Korean Standard of Excellence and the JIS, Japanese Industrial Standard Award. These pianos have also been selected in international piano competition for performance. Every component, from the beautiful full size solid brass castors to the finest most responsive action, speaks of quality and an unwillingness to compromise even the smallest detail.

As one of the world’s largest manufacturer of grand pianos, the Kohler & Campbell craftsmen and technicians are among the finest and most experienced in the world. They combine their handcrafted skills with highly automated computer controlled devices to create a piano that combines a precision fit and finish with the ability to create a musical instrument with the finest touch and tone quality.

Since the introducton of the Kohler & Campbell Millennium Pianos, the music community has come to recognize this brand as one of the truly great pianos of the new millennium. After the pianos leave the factory in Korea, it comes to America for the finishing touches—the tone and action regulation.

Klaus Fenner has created a beautiful and unique low-tension scale design for each size of Kohler & Campbell Millennium Pianos. Because of the larger soundboard area and longer strings than the competition, the Millennium Piano has a fuller and richer tone quality.

In the hands of Kohler & Campbell’s master technicians, the tone of each note is carefully evaluated and adjusted for a smooth and even tone quality. Kohler & Campbell Millennium Pianos are balanced to be slightly more mellow than other Asian brands and stronger and bolder than European grands.

{ World Class Craftsmanship at its Finest}

Rock maple from the Adirondack Mountains of Northeastern United States
All Kohler & Campbell Millennium Pianos come to our factory in California and are given the final tone and action regulation to satisfy the most sophisticated musical tastes.

All Kohler & Campbell Grand Pianos use the world famous Renner Action and Hammers from Germany. This action is used in some of the world’s most expensive pianos.

Warranted for a lifetime to the original owner against cracking or breaking.
  TUV ISO 9001
The Kohler & Campbell Millennium Pianos are crafted in Korea in the first musical instrument factory in the world to be awarded the coveted TUV ISO 9001 for overall excellence. That means that Samick can guarantee, through third party verification, that our manufacturing process complies with a globally recognized international quality system standard.
Computer controlled machinery and craftsmen with 40 years of experience combine to form the solid maple rim, install the spruce beams and keybed and assemble and install all of the thousands of components.

The tapered and shaped soundboard is formed from the finest grade of spruce and is made by André Bolduc known the world over for his unique skill.

Ebony, Bubinga, Mahogany, Meranti, and Agathis.